Tommy Bass was born in Treviso in the mid-70s. At the age of 12, he fell in love with “SHE’S ON IT” by the Beastie Boys.
From that moment he got into the hip hop culture and he began to listen to RUN DMC, EPMD, PUBLIC ENEMY, and many others rap bands. At the age of 13, after a year listening to RAP music, he decided to participate at the contest “TOP TEN YOU” ( it consisted in creating your own TOP TEN) by DJ Television, the most-watched TV show of the 80’s. The TOP TEN created by Tommy Bass, enchanted Linus, the most popular DJ in Italy, who declared him the winner. Linus interviewed him on Radio Deejay and Deejay Television.

Kolekcja gier w ZetKasyno w Polsce jest tak różnorodna i zróżnicowana, jak publiczność, która je gra. Można śmiało powiedzieć, że kolekcja gier jest kamieniem węgielnym każdego kasyna online i jest głównym czynnikiem przyciągającym nowych graczy przy jednoczesnym zachowaniu lojalności. Zapewniając kolekcję ponad 2700 ekscytujących gier, zarejestrowani gracze są z pewnością rozpieszczani wyborem. Tak więc, z kolekcji tak ogromny, jak to, jesteś pewien, aby znaleźć grę, która przyciąga twoją uwagę.

During high school Tommy decided that he would be part of a rap group, so together with two friends he founded Gioco Ribelle, the first rap group of his area. In 1993 Gioco Ribelle were part of a compilation with the most famous Italian rappers of those days, like FRANKIE HI NRG, ARTICOLO 31, OTR etc… In 1994 he became the radio host of Radio Gemini One, a powerful radio station of the northern-east of Italy. Among the various live performances he played also with Public Enemy, James Thompson and Saturnino. Meanwhile, his life began to split in two: as he continued to do music, at age 19 he moved to Milan and his career as Art Director began. After few months, he left Gioco Ribelle and the radio station was sold, so he put on hold for a while his music activity. During his career as Art Director his creative horizons widen. So after two years of stop from the music scene he returned to music production, but this time as a solo: TOMMY BASS. His music was much more closed to the Big Beat music of the late 90s. In 2000 he released the song “Bow wow” included in the compilation “Ultradolce vol2” (Irma records) and few months later he released his first solo LP called TOMMY BASS LONESOME SPACEBOY.

The cover of LONESOME SPACEBOY LP is created by the multimedia artist Massimo Giacon. The LP was sold in many countries around the world as Japan, Canada, U.S., etc… The critics and comments on his music were great. Some music experts compared his music with Fatboy Slim music and Tommy was (of course) very happy about that. Tommy Bass songs’ were included in many compilations as Levi’s Twisted, with Shaggy, Pepe Deluxe, Death in Vegas, Justofunk. His track was also the soundtrack of the Levi’s interactive cd-rom.
His music was used also in many TV shows for MTV, RAI, MEDIASET, LA 7. The most relevant shows were LE IENE, GRANDE FRATELLO and MTV Gip.
During these years, Tommy Bass continued his activities as DJ, (which had already began at the time of the rap group), so he played in the best Milan’s clubs as PLASTIC, GASOLINE, ROLLING STONE, THE SADE and also in some European cities such as Berlin, Warsaw, Barcelona etc… He did also Dj sets for fashion show as Romeo Gigli and Yamamay.
In 2005 he came back to the music production with “CANT WORK IT OUT” (published by Sony Music) a mix of electro sounds, hip hop and rock. The voice of the track was made by Emoglobe’s Gianluca Morelli. During his career he also produced songs for advertising: GAS JEANS, SAMSUNG, DUREX, TELECOM, BLACKBERRY, PEUGEOT and many other brands. As a creative he also realized the concept and the artdirtecion of some music videos for Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini, Morgan and Mauro Pagani. In 2007 he realized “IT-ALIEN”, a tribute to the 80’s rap culture. Samples, beats and scratches, were inspired from the 80’s Rap classics.

On a night of 2010, he dreamt of a song which immediately decided to start writing, so after few weeks “FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE” was born. This song inspired Tommy Bass to start working on new tracks for a new LP. In the meantime, he became the Creative Director in HAVAS WORLD WIDE DIGITAL and the time he dedicated to the music shrank, but in 2014 he finally completed his record “THE NEXT ONE”, his brand new LP. To launch it he decided to do it in an original way, through a “LONG PLATE”, a real dish whose design is reminiscent of a real LP. So while you eat you can listen to the Tommy Bass music.